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Presented by Leah de Souza-Thomas, BSc (Hons), MSc, MPH. Founder of The Thrive Practice
How to Permanently Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication In As Little As 6 Weeks… Even If Nothing Has Worked For You In The Past
Join this FREE Masterclass and discover the 3-step method to effectively lower your blood pressure, cut your risk of a heart attack (or stroke), and reduce (or eliminate) your need for medication 
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In this 25 minute training you’ll discover:
  • 5 discoveries that helped me drop 13 mmHg, without using medication, in less than 6 weeks

  • How to leverage the genetic code to work with you, instead of against you

  • The truth about blood pressure won’t ever hear this from Big Pharma

  • ​Why high blood pressure isn’t just a problem of old age

  • ​The little known approach to healthy blood pressure success needed right now

  • ​The best way to boost your blood pressure reduction (even great doctors miss this)
About your host
Leah is a Public Health Scientist and Health Improvement Specialist with over 15 years experience in the health and wellbeing field. She is dedicated to helping pull people back from the brink of a health crisis by equipping them with the tools they need to achieve great health all on their own. 

Leah’s struggles with high blood pressure began in her 30s and stubbornly persisted undeterred. When she couldn’t solve her high blood pressure woes with the standard advice regularly dispensed to patients, she sought out the answers she needed. 

Based on the research she found, she formulated and implemented a method, which helped her drop 13 mmHg in 6 weeks. Her experience with high blood pressure lead her to create the Healthy Blood Pressure For Life programme with the goal of helping people struggling with high blood pressure achieve a healthy blood pressure and slash their risk of a stroke or heart attack. 

She’s keen to let people labouring under the illusion that a drug induced lower blood pressure is their only option, know that it really isn’t.
This masterclass is for anyone who wants to naturally, permanently and safely lower their blood pressure and avoid a serious heart related issue.

If you want healthy blood pressure for life, then this is for you!
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